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Each month we will be working in depth with one particular crystal and moving onto a different crystal the following month. We will be looking at the crystals composition, using energy sensing and profound meditation techniques to tune deeply into the crystal to expand our awareness of its properties.
Each session will include self healing work and we will also be linking into the Crystal Diva to receive personal higher guidance.

Times 7 - 8.30 p.m.
Fee £10
Please book a place in advance via email (Limited availability). Please click here.

Introduction to crystals and healing, day one

This workshop teaches us how to care for our crystals and prepare them for spiritual work. How to attune ourselves to allow spiritual energy to flow through us and how to sense the energies of crystals.
Throughout the day you will be developing your meditation skills to help create a stronger link to the spiritual realms, as well as raising the vibration of your energy field.
You will also be learning crystal and spiritual healing techniques for self healing.
This course is for beginners and for those with a little more experience of energy work, who may wish to refresh their knowledge.


Introduction to crystals and healing, day two

In day two, we will be looking at how to use crystals in daily life, working with a wider variety of crystals and developing a greater sense of crystal harmony.
We will also be exploring issues relating to spiritual protection, tuning into the appropriate crystals and learning more profound self healing techniques.
We will close the day with a group crystal Mandela dedicated to healing the Earth.
This day is only for those who have completed day one.


VHF Diploma Course in Subtle Energy Medicine

This is a two year course, the first year is taught by Sandra Pepper MVHF MFSEM at the Crystal Light School of Healing in Wood Green, London N22. Upon successful completion of the first year, students may join the second year at the Vibrational Healing Foundation in Fulham, London, SW6 on the first available course.

This course is for those who wish to obtain a recognised qualification and work professionally in the field of subtle energy medicine, including crystal and energy/spiritual healing. Qualified spiritual and/or Reiki healers who wish to learn about crystals will also find this course useful.

Crystals are such powerful tools, that an in depth understanding of their energies in both theory and practice are essential for those who wish to use them for healing.

Furthermore, a solid basic working knowledge on how to use sound and colour in combination with crystal and energy healing as well as an understanding of how to use flowers and flower remedies in healing are also covered on the course. Because of the two therapies, the extra subjects and the work, a certificate for Subtle energy Medicine Practitioner TM is given in addition to the diploma.

Personal/spiritual development is incorporated throughout the course, empowering each individual through awareness, exploration and growth within their own truth. Healers will be guided to work with care, integrity, responsibility and confidence, always for the highest good of their clients as well as humanity.

The two year diploma course consists of 28 days, divided into seven weekends per year. Days are approximately from 10am - 6pm. Homework amounts to around 5 hours per week which includes meditation, working with crystals, written work assignments, practice sessions and case studies which, once completed form part of a portfolio of work.

The VHF diploma is accredited by the Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine (FSEM), the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) and Subtle Health International (SHI). SHI is the lead and regulatory body for Subtle Energy Medicine in the UK. The course is also approved by the Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland (ARCHTI)Qualified spiritual, shamanic and/or reiki healers will also find this unique and comprehensive course useful.

A Code of Conduct is adhered to by VHF and it's practicing healers.

An interview prior to booking is recommended. Should you live outside London or abroad, this can be done by phone or email.

Fees for the first year are 930 (120 per weekend) of which a 90 deposit is required when booking. Fees can also be paid in instalments.

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                             If you have an interest in attending a workshop, please contact Sandra via email for more information

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