Crystal of the Day


Select a crystal to help you through the day

These crystals have been spiritually prepared to send you love and light energy. Simply by looking at your chosen crystal, you will begin to interact with it and start to receive the energy vibration that you need at this time.

For a deeper experience with your chosen crystal, find a quiet space to sit and then enter into a relaxed frame of mind. To help you do this, begin by slowing down your breathing and letting go of any tensions you may have. Once you are feeling more relaxed, imagine roots (like tree roots) reaching down from the base of your spine, down into the centre of the Earth. This will ground and stabilize you.

Then imagine sitting inside an egg shape of light which reaches under the earth a little. This is your personal, sacred space. Now imagine your chosen crystal filling the whole of your sacred space. Let the crystal expand allowing its light flow all around and through you. Enjoy receiving the crystal love and light energy for a few moments. To end the experience, send your roots down into the Earth again and then focus on the intake of breath, until you feel you are ready to open your eyes.

Always give thanks afterwards.

If you repeat this exercise with some of the other crystals, over time you may start to feel the differences in the energy vibrations of the crystals.

Only general meanings for the crystals are given here. More importantly, it is what the crystal means to you that matters! Crystals will interact with us on a personal level working to find the root cause of an issue. Two people suffering from the same issue or illness will more than likely need different crystals, as the root cause will be different for each person.

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