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Before booking a healing, please email or call me to arrange an appointment

Before booking a Crystal Healing, please send an email with a brief description of the issues or symptoms, so that I can determine whether Crystal healing is suitable for you. Crystal Healing can be very potent and may not be suitable for more sensitive conditions.

It is recommended that you aim to have three to four healing sessions, a minimum of one week apart so that progress can be made. There after, it is a good idea to have a top up to maintain healing levels and to progress further.

You do not have to be ill to receive a healing. Remember, healing is also about raising our vibration and expanding our consciousness so that we may live according to our higher purpose.



Distant Energy Healing Session 1hr
   Price: 40
Distant Crystal Healing Session 1hr
   Price: £45
Distant Space Clearing Session 1hr
   Price: £45
Personal Energy Healing Session 1hr
   Price: £45
Personal Crystal Healing Session 1hr
   Price: £55

Personal Stress Healing with Crystals
   Part 1,2 and 3
   Price: £55 per session
  10% off when all three are booked £148



Crystal Auric Reading - £55

During the purchasing process within PayPal,
please add your full postal address in the box marked
'Add Special Instructions to Merchant'


Sandra will scan your energy field to assess its condition at this point in time. The energy field stores all the information relating to the development of your soul's journey. Sandra may discover areas of your energy field that are radiant and healthy as well as highlight any areas that may need healing. Once these issues are addressed and subsequently healed, your soul will then be free to move on to the next stage of development.
Sandra will explain to you how these imbalances have impacted on your life up till now and what measures can be taken to rectify the problem. This could be in terms of healing or practical advice.
Throughout the reading, Sandra will be open to receiving any information that the spiritual realms wish to impart to you and this could be on any subject or issue.
Sandra will also ask to be given the appropriate crystal energy that wishes to work with you at this time. This will then be spiritually prepared for your personal use and sent to you through the post, with your reading in the form of a personalized letter.
Sandra works on a healing vibration relating to personal spiritual development. Please be aware that Sandra is not a survival medium.


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