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The human energy field

Many ancient cultures have long been aware of the energy field which surrounds each and every living thing. Even our Earth has an energy field, without which it wouldn't be able to support life. The physical and spiritual aspects of life are interrelated creating the whole. We are not just physical beings. The physical exists along side the none physical.

Most of us cannot see the human energy field, but trained healers and those on the spiritual path can come to perceive this through meditation and guided personal development.

There are many energy centres within the energy field called chakras. These are revolving wheels of energy which receive vibrations from our surroundings (people, places & situations), process it and then send energy back out again. This is how we evolve as human beings, each chakra representing a different aspect of our being. There are also other layers of our energy field, all of which interrelate to support our physical body and influence our life experiences.
When healthy, our energy field is very clear, bright and colourful, but most of us at some time or other can experience difficulties in any given area of our lives. This can have a direct effect on the condition of our energy field.


human energy field

Over time, it may become weaker, blocked or out of balance and may not be in a good enough condition to provide our physical body with the vital life forces it needs to keep it healthy. Illness therefore, first begins as imbalances in the energy field, which if left untreated, filter through to the physical body to create illness. Qualified Crystal and Energy Healers have the training to be able to perceive these imbalances and ideally work with the patient to heal the energy field before illness reaches the physical body.

Crystal Healing and Energy Healing are complementary to conventional medicine and other alternative therapies.

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What is energy healing?

Another term for Energy Healing is Spiritual healing. Today, most healers prefer to use the term Energy Healing, as it reflects a more in depth knowledge of the healing process. It reveals that on a deeper level everything is made up of energy from the highest, finest vibration to the most dense.

Energy healing is for everyone and has no contra - indications. It is a very safe, gentle form of healing that does not use crystals. This form of healing can be very helpful with more sensitive conditions.

energy healing

The healer channels higher, Vibrational healing energy through their fully attuned bodies (particularly the hands), into the client's energy field and physical body. If the healer is physically present, the healer will not need to touch the physical body during the healing, apart from just gently touching the shoulders and the feet at the beginning and at the end of the healing respectively. The client may sit or lie down to receive the healing and as with Crystal Healing, it can also be given distantly.

The client does not need to believe in Energy or Crystal Healing for it to work. The healer is still working on the energy field anyway and only requires the client to relax and be open to receiving help.

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What is crystal healing?

Crystal Healing has its roots in ancient history. Earlier civilizations such as the Aztecs, Myans, Ancient Egyptians and North American Indians had a strong awareness of the metaphysical properties of crystals. Even today, Royalty still use gem stones as symbols of power and authority.

Today, modern Crystal Healing is remembering the teachings from the past and integrating this with our more scientific knowledge of crystals. What is being reborn today, is a highly effective, complementary healing system, combining crystals and higher Vibrational energy to heal imbalances within the physical body and in the human energy field.

Crystals are one of the highest expressions of physical matter. They hold their form for millions of years, retaining a vibration or 'note' of perfection. This perfect 'note' can be used by healers to send healing energy to their patient's. The patient's energy field may be sending out a discordant 'note', but there will also be an aspect of it that still resonates with, or remembers its original healthy 'note'. During the healing process, the two notes merge and the patient's energy field falls back into harmony again.

During a healing session, the healer will attune themselves to receive higher Vibrational healing energies through all levels of their being. It is rather like turning on the electricity to light up a bulb! At this point, the healers consciousness expands and depending on the development of the healer, becomes able to assess the condition of their patient's energy field. The healer can be in the same room, or work distantly.

Once the client's energy field has been assessed, the healer will then select the appropriate crystals, prepare them to receive the higher Vibrational energy and then place them on or around the client's fully clothed body. The healer will then channel healing energy through the crystals into the patient. The client can receive a healing either sitting or lying down.

crystal healing

Fully qualified crystal healers have undergone two - four years of tutor led training to be able to safely use crystals within the human energy field. The patient does not have to believe in crystal or energy healing for it to work. The healer is working on the client's energy field anyway. All the patient needs to do is relax and be open to receiving help. The patient does not need to talk to the healer during the actual healing.

Crystal healing can be very potent. There are however, certain instances where crystal healing may not be appropriate. Before booking a healing, it is a good idea to contact the healer giving a brief description of the symptoms or issues, so that an assessment can be made.

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Sometimes our homes may become affected by lower Vibrational energies and may need a little clearing from time to time. However, our personal space can also reflect what is going on within us, so it may be beneficial to have a personal healing at the same time as a space clearing. In many instances, as your energy begins to shift to a higher vibration, so do your surroundings.

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What is distant healing?

The healer does not need to be in the same room as the client. Once the healer is attuned he/she can send healing to someone anywhere in the world. Once the healer links into the higher frequencies, an instant connection can be made. The healer can still link with the client and assess the condition of their energy field. Healing is then given in the usual way.

Distant healing can be very potent. There are instances where the healer and the client experience the same thing at the same time. There are no distractions and a pure, direct link can be made.

The healer will need only your name and location. You may wish to send in a photograph, but this is optional. It is important that you create a quiet, relaxing space to receive the healing. The healer will call you at the pre- arranged time and inform you when the healing is about to begin. You can choose for the healer to stay on the line if you so wish, but the healer will not be able to talk to you when they are working, as they will be busy assessing your energy field and working to heal any imbalances. Once the healing is over the healer will contact you again, with feedback and advice.

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What can crystal and energy healing help with?

•Providing The Energy To Support The Whole Of Your Being.
•Pre and Post Operative Care
•Stress Release
•Life Changes / Transitions
•Release From Stuck or Outworn Patterns
•Boundary / Protection Issues
•Balance and Stability Issues
•Clearing / Clarity / Focus
•Creativity / Confidence Issues
•Communication Issues
•Connection to Higher Guidance
• Personal Growth / Spiritual Development
•Soul Purpose / Direction
•Development of Greater Levels of Joy and Happiness
•Manifestation (Bringing ideas into physical reality)



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What will I experience during healing?

Each healing experience is unique to the individual. We all have varying levels of sensitivity, so some people may experience many sensations during a healing, whilst others may enjoy the peace and relaxation.

Listed below are some of the things that may be experienced during a healing:

•Visualisation of colours or images.
•Temperature changes
•A gentle tingling sensation, or a pulsing vibration.
•Occasional twitching as energy is released.
•Deep relaxation.
•Expansion of awareness.
•A feeling of timelessness.
•Feelings of peace and tranquillity.
•Loving support
•Feeling safe
•Feeling that an inner change is taking place.
•Being apart of something greater than the self


What is a healing crisis?

Occasionally, within two to three days of receiving a healing, there may be a worsening of symptoms. You may feel a little low as emotions or physical symptoms work their way to the surface to be released.
This is perfectly normal. Your healer will have given you the appropriate advise if this happens.


When we become ill

When we are facing illness no matter how severe, it is a good idea to surround ourselves with a healing team. Try to do as much research as possible, asking yourself what you need and who will best be able to help you. Let your intuition be a guide.

More often than not, many of us place our health needs close to or at the bottom of our list of priorities. We often think others know better than we do and therefore feel a sense of powerlessness. Alternatively, some of us may wish to bury our heads in the sand, in fear of facing up to what's really going on.

To be healthy we need to be whole and this means looking at all areas of our lives. Take a little time out to ask yourself where you feel you are out of balance. What do you think are the root causes and what can you do to change things? It does not matter if you can't find all the answers to begin with, just take one step at a time. Moving forward is what counts!

You are the one that is ultimately in charge of your own life and your own healing.

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