Healing Experiences


Spiritual / Energy Healing

Healing is a wonderful enlightening experience that leaves me feeling deeply relaxed and at peace with the world. Every healing is different as it depends on what your spiritual needs are at that time. Sometimes I am swept away by visions of immense beauty, sometimes I may be surrounded by sparkly colours of incredible intensity. Other times, it may just be something simple or I feel the flow of energy through my body.
Sandra is an intuitive, insightful healer and uses a range of techniques to bring about just the right amount of healing you need to leave you feeling 'in balance'.
I was a bit sceptical at first whether spiritual healing would be of benefit to me, but now I can truly say that healing has supported me through many of my issues in a way I never thought possible. If, like me, you are unsure, try it at least once. You may be pleasantly surprised!
Rosalind, London


Crystal Healing

A master of her art, Sandra is a highly evolved and exceptionally gifted crystal ,energy light worker, who uses her finely tuned skills and healing wisdom with integrity, sensitivity and compassion, enfolding you in rays of love and light.
A profound and transformational healing experience!
Kate, London


I have had several crystal healings from Sandra. Every time was a different and unique experience. The sessions helped me to understand and embrace different aspects of my personality.
I remember very clearly a time when I was feeling very low. Mentally I asked for some kind of help and then I saw Sandra's face appear in my minds eye. I took this as a sign, so I decided to call her straight away to arrange a healing session.
The healing was an amazing and very helpful experience.
Afterwards, I felt so much better emotionally and mentally.
Thank You Sandra
Dimitris, London


I have had two Crystal Healings from Sandra. She was aware that I had very little experience and knowledge about Crystal Healing, so she clearly explained everything to me before I decided to give it a go.
The experience was gentle and relaxing. Sandra made an excellent judgment on the strength of the crystals which best suited me.
Worth giving it a try if you're stressed.
Ying, London


Distant Healing

I experienced a wonderful Crystal Healing in February 2009. My Father had passed in August 2008 and even though I attended a spiritualist church, I was struggling to come to terms with this huge loss in my life. I had heard about Crystal Healing and thought I would give this a go, even though it would be long distance.
I contacted Sandra and she explained what would happen and we arranged a night for it to be convenient and relaxing for us both. On the night arranged, Sandra rang and told me to go into my bedroom and to light a candle. She then explained that she would ring me when the healing was over.
I lay on the bed and apart from the candle, the room was quite dark. I suddenly heard my dogs barking down in our lounge and then my bedroom lit up in an amazing glow. It was as if someone had lit more candles, the room being lit up in a dusty way. I felt so at ease that I felt the need to wrap myself in my quilt and it felt as if someone was stroking me. I didn't feel alone in the room, I felt my Dad near me and also my twin sister that had passed away when she was three days old.
After a while, Sandra rang to tell me the healing was over and to see if I was ok . I was amazed when Sandra said that I had wrapped myself in my quilt and that I was being stroked gently! That I was being reassured that my loved ones were ok and that I would be too.
The feeling of love that I felt for my Dad and my Sister was so great, that I felt happy that they also had a chance to enjoy the experience, as I had done. It did make the passing of my Dad easier to come to terms with and even though I miss him enormously, I felt that I could carry on because I know he is around and Sandra helped me to see that.
I'm sure that some nights I think he is in my bedroom, not in a scary way, but in a way which feels amazing. I get a wonderful satisfaction from this, and I hope Sandra's Crystal Healing also helped him and guided him to me.
I would recommend anyone to have a healing, whether you live near or far. I can't even tell you how long the healing was, but the healing for me has carried on since then. So I thank Sandra from the bottom of my heart for her help.
Julie, Cheshire.


Stress Healing 1

I am writing just to say how much I enjoyed the stress healing session I had with you.
I will admit I was very sceptical at first, but I can honestly say it was just incredible! I was going through a challenging time in my life and the stress healing literally re-balanced my body and mind. I was totally in your hands and felt safe and relaxed that I was able to let go (which is very difficult for me to do) of all my worries.
I felt refreshed and cleansed after the healing. It's a surreal experience which I felt the benefits of for a long time after.
Once again many thanks.
Jacqueline, North London


Stress Healing 1,2 and 3

I felt a real sense of the weight of my issues being released and was able to relax quite deeply. I saw colours in my minds eye. Orange which then faded into golden yellow which then became light and a very bright white. I then got the sensation of dark blue with a hint of turquoise at the end.
I was able to let go and not think about the healer or what she was doing. I felt the importance of keeping still and finding inner peace instead of rushing about trying to solve problems!
I found the experience quite profound.
Georgie, London

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