Introduction to crystals and healing, day one

This workshop teaches us how to care for our crystals and prepare them for spiritual work. How to attune ourselves to allow spiritual energy to flow through us and how to sense the energies of crystals.
Throughout the day you will be developing your meditation skills to help create a stronger link to the spiritual realms, as well as raising the vibration of your energy field.
You will also be learning crystal and spiritual healing techniques for self healing.
This course is for beginners and for those with a little more experience of energy work, who may wish to refresh their knowledge.


Introduction to crystals and healing, day two

In day two, we will be looking at how to use crystals in daily life, working with a wider variety of crystals and developing a greater sense of crystal harmony.
We will also be exploring issues relating to spiritual protection, tuning into the appropriate crystals and learning more profound self healing techniques.
We will close the day with a group crystal mandala dedicated to healing the Earth.
This day is only for those who have completed day one.
A certificate of attendance will be given to those who have attended the courses.


Spiritual dance workshop

Sandra also runs her own ballet school and is a fully registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance. This workshop taps into Sandra's extensive knowledge of dance and spirituality, combining crystals, profound meditations and expressive dance so that we can free ourselves to become one with spirit!
This workshop is for those who wish to express their spirituality through dance and is open to everyone, beginners welcome!


Childrens creativity workshops

These workshops are designed to bring out the inner creativity of your child. Children today are heavily reliant on television, computers and mobile phones and may have lost touch with their inner creativity.
There are two workshops on offer, one for 4 - 6 yr olds and the other for 6 - 8 year olds. Each workshop lasts for 1hr 15 minutes.
Your child will be working with crystals, flowers, sound and paints to help them create their own world, their unique story, which they will then express in the form of movement and dance.
This work shop is open to all children. Children new to dance are very welcome.
Sandra runs her Ballet School in Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, North London which was founded in September1995. Sandra started dancing herself when she was five years old, trained professionally at the Hammond School in Chester and is a fully registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance.

If you have an interest in attending a workshop, please contact Sandra via email for more information

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